Mar. 1st, 2013

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Happy Friday!

I made a #FicFriday suggestion once upon a time before Texas that was met with some interest. That suggestion was to branch Fic Friday out to both Dreamwidth/LiveJournal. Today is the day I initiate that suggestion. Finally. *shifty eyes*

The same basic Twitter rules apply here - leave prompts in the comment section for fics you'd like me to write; they can be anything, anything at all! If you're participating as well, link me to the post where you're accepting prompts so I can return the favor. Since there is no 140 character limit here, the technical limit is whatever will fit in a comment. (I say technical because that's a pretty big character limit, and the point of Fic Friday is brevity. However, I am not one to put a leash on anyone's creativity, so it's totally up to you where you want to stop.)

Prompts will be answered with a fic at least two sentences long, if not longer. Short little bite-sized fics to brighten up your Friday! You can request as many fics as you want, since it gives my shriveled brain more exercise. Requests stay open however long people want them, I'm not picky.

(This is also my first attempt at a prompts post, so if I'm doin it rong, leave me suggestions for next week.)

Come write with me!

ETA: Prompt fills from Twitter )

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