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Occasionally I have a good idea

So, ever since I first got a Twitter account (uh, a year ago >_>) I've wanted to try an idea. 140 character fics. I'm always looking for interesting new writing exercises, and I thought it would also be a fun and useful way of utilizing Twitter to send something more positive out into the ether than just, "I'm having fruit loops for breakfast!" Also, because I love alliterations, I was thinking of doing it as a weekly thing every Friday. I never use the #FF hashtag, so why not reassign it? #FicFriday #140CharFic

Long story short, I tossed the idea out to my feed yesterday (yes I know, Monday/Tuesday, not Friday, but people were having tough Mondays and I thought they could use a little cheer!), and it was met with a lot of positivity. I think I'm going to make it a thing from now on, and if you guys want to jump on it as well, all I can say is go for it.

Here are my filled requests:

    BBC Robin Hood, Guy/Marian, for Rachel:
    "He wanted to believe he could be different; he wanted to believe she could love him, even if he remained exactly the same."

    Hell on Wheels, Lily/Robert, for Laura:
    "But it wasn't until after the lecture, when he looked at her with eyes as pregnant as his Kansas thunderstorms, that she knew."

    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Brisco/Dixie, for Missy:
    "She's the fire in his bones, and he's the steady man she never did have. Together they reckon they're something akin to whole."

    Milliways 'verse, Maid Marian-Lily Bell, for Amanda:
    "She has a home to rebuild, a sure place in a troubled world. But so does Lily. A missing roof of hope, & faith in progress."

    Once Upon a Time, Graham/Regina, for Jen:
    "It's been forty years since she's seen him cry. Now as he shudders, pushing her back, he's unaware that there is one heart aching."

    Milliways 'verse, Charles Xavier-Queen Regina (Mills), for Fi:
    "He can feel it, even rooms away from the main bar. The echo, the humming. He clutches his head, and knows. The Queen is here."

As you can see, it's fairly simple (though, holy COW some of the fics you guys have written me in return = CHILLS), and so far I've been including the @ names. Which would technically make these less-than-140-character fics. So far, my only rule is to have a "0" on spare letters by the time I'm finished. But, guys? It's really, really fun.

Feel free to spread this around! #FF
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[personal profile] ashen_key 2012-05-01 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)

Once Upon a Time, AU!Daniel, for Gabby:

He can't remember his name, but he remembers walking without the click of metal joints, and that horses used to like him.
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These are really cool; they're like haiku for prose!
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Good point. This reminds me I need to write my 100 words for the day. = ]