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Gabby ([personal profile] ladyoflorien) wrote2012-10-17 02:54 am
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Boosting the Signal

Hello my dears!

When do I not start a post by apologizing about not yet getting around to writing about all the things I've promised to get around to writing? So that isn't what this first paragraph's about. No, really. (*shifty* But I do have a few posts that've been brewing in my head for a while.) Instead, I'm just going to hop right into it.

This is indeed one of those Signal Boosting posts, otherwise known as Hey, Anybody Out There Want To Buy Some Awesome Stuff? In brief, you all know Li, right? Also known as TENNESSEE LI in crackchat, and as the awesome player of Rachel (of Animorphs fame) in Milliways. Whaaaat? You don't know her? Well, you should, because she is awesome.

Times are tough. They suck for us all. I've been bolstered time and again by the awesomeness of you, my dear friends, both in your generosity and your pep talks/internet hugs. I try to return the favor as constantly as humanly possible. It's good knowing that, no matter what, there's a support system out there of people who hold each other up through the tough times. Li is having some tough times financially that I will leave vague because, frankly, I don't know how much she's comfortable with me sharing. That's also why this post is friends-locked. (ETA: She said it was okay to unlock it. ♥) She has asked her friends to ask their friends if anyone might be interested in buying some of her crafts and goods, though, so if anyone reading this knows anyone who might be interested please pass this along.

Some of the things she's offering for sale:
~hand-knit scarves, hats
~hand-knit "quantum math" shawls, which are awesome
~hand-sewn beany dolls (example & further info here.)
~baked goods, such as cookies/cupcakes/oatmeal bars (examples of her delicious treats here.)
~artwork (NOTE: this is hand-drawn, physical artwork, as her digital software has expired.)
~written works

Photos of her work are available upon request, as well as prices (please note supplies and shipping have to go into it as well), and fandoms on offer (written works I believe are offered on a donation basis - every little bit helps). She'd likely also be able to offer a more complete list, as well as field special requests.

If anyone's interested, please please please comment here or e-mail me and I will get you in touch speedily! Whatever you can do, guys. It seriously makes a difference.

Thanks for listening to me. ♥

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