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Brevity is the Soul of Wit: Fic Friday

No migraine today, woo! I have a few things I plan on writing today, including a movie review and some tags, but first I'm opening myself up to #FicFriday prompts!

Continuing the new tradition from here:

    Leave prompts in the comment section below
    — I will respond with at least 2-sentences of fic, unless I get carried away
    — You can request anything (take a look at my interests for ideas), including OF
    — Leave prompts for 140 Character Fic over on Twitter, too! Use the hashtag #FicFriday
    — Brevity is the soul of wit
    — HAVE FUN!

If you have a #FicFriday post of your own, link me to it in the comments so I can prompt you as well! Happy writing, everyone!

My #140CharFic fills from Twitter (3/29):

Captain America/Avengers
For Ashie, prompt: Steve in modern day going to art class
#1: "Steve had no idea what an HP Digital Scanner was; he was mildly embarrassed when he brought the requested tablet and it had pages."

#2: "His fingers were stained with charcoal and lead, and his tools weren't like his classmates', but the Guggenheim filled every page."

For Fi, prompt: Zoe-shifting stars
"She don't need the course to know where they are. Casia means work; Perseus, trouble. Andromeda -- tā māde, Captain's in a mood."

Hell on Wheels
For Fi, prompt: Lily-tents
"There's no warmth in her muddy hovel, save for what she creates on her own. With the Advance they almost made their tent a home."

For Fi, prompt: Red-new beds
"Every new town comes with a new bed, and he makes sure there's a girl in each one. He hates starting off someplace sleeping alone."

The Three Musketeers
For Fi, prompt: Porthos-compass
"'He stole my compass!' 'I beg to differ, peasant,' Porthos sneers, drawing. 'This compass was a gift from the Czarina of Tokyo.'"

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