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Brevity is the Soul of Wit: Fic Friday

Now introducing: The Evening Edition. I'm opening myself up to #FicFriday prompts!

Continuing the new tradition from here:

    Leave prompts in the comment section below
    — I will respond with at least 2-sentences of fic, unless I get carried away
    — You can request anything (take a look at my interests for ideas), including OF
    — Leave prompts for 140 Character Fic over on Twitter, too! Use the hashtag #FicFriday
    — Brevity is the soul of wit
    — HAVE FUN!

If you have a #FicFriday post of your own, link me to it in the comments so I can prompt you as well! Happy writing, everyone!
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Beckett - Bleeding Out
Zoe - I know
Regina - Reaching your goals (Maybe with Mulan somehow?)
Grace - Hit Me With Your Best Shot
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"Stay with me, Castle! Castle!"

She hated that stupid 'WRITER' Kevlar almost as much as she hated the way he never listened to her, never looked both ways, never knew when to stay put. She can't get it off, the unlucky bullet wound leaving her hands slick; she calls to Esposito for help, but there's no answer. Ryan had been hit, a 10-53, 11-41, backup requested, but when she looks up they're both down, pools of blood spreading from their bodies. She searches out the officers posted at the entrance, but they're gone, and she only has time to realize she's alone before feeling the hot press of a muzzle against the back of her head.

She wakes up with a bang, sheets damp, heart racing, reaching for the chain around her neck that feels like a branding iron, a noose, a leash. Dead blue eyes stare back at her in the darkness.
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Oh this is good and chilling! Poor Becket.
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"Qing wa cao de liu mang! That hurts!"

"That's generally the case when you get yourself shot at, Jayne."

"I di'n't git myself nothin'! Them guns came outta nowhere!"

"You're right. That sounds a helluva lot more reasonable."

"You know what I meant! Them guards weren't s'posed to be there! Wo de ma he ta de fen kuang de wai sheng dou! Ain't there nothin' y'can do for the pain?"

"I just gave you a shot of Lorazepam. You should be feelin' it in a mite."

"Lorazepam?! Ain't that what the doc -- aw, hell Zoë, that'll make me ... make me see ... when the dragon drinks the mudder's ... you ... sleepin' time."

Jayne hits the examining table with a loud thunk. Zoë calmly rolls up her sleeves, moving around the infirmary until she's recovered a pair of forceps.

"I know."
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Awesome! I need to dig up my Firefly DVDs and actually watch them someday. I've yet to get past the second episode.
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It seems like forever since Regina had any desire but one: to make Snow suffer as she has. Nobody believes she could ever change. It should be no wonder then that nobody believes she is a good mother to Henry, that she can love him as fiercely as she does, and when he goes missing she's the first they turn against. It was her plan to steal him away to the Enchanted Forest after all, they say, forgetting entirely it was their plan first.

(Such a superficial thing, this 'good' versus 'evil' excuse.)

The only person who will help, who will listen, is a foreigner from a kingdom that never fell under Regina's reign; though the infamy of her mother has stretched far. Mulan sheaths her sword with some reluctance, her gaze focused and hard. "I will assist you, despite your relation to Cora, for one reason only. The love in your eyes is not false. I have seen such love before."

There is sadness in her that Regina recognizes, and neither of them speak of it. Mulan knows how to track, and Regina knows her son. Their goal is simple: to find him safe.
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Both of these latest are great but I like the Regina one best cause I'm biased. And that would totally be the reason for Mulan to help her, too.
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"This is gonna ruin my whole day."

Frenzied amusement passes over Jake's face; he hasn't been here long enough to know about her longstanding pissing contest with Quaritch, that in downtime between arguments and meetings with Selfridge they exchange friendly bets on who will shoot the other first, and the lethality of their strikes.

She guesses this means the son-of-a-bitch just won.
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I'll leave you some here and I hope you're feeling better. And I'll do a grab bag as my thoughts are scattered.

Forgive, forget, storm, anger, forgotten, lost, hope
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Part of him never forgave his parents for leaving; he became 'Red' instead of 'Johnny' to spurn a past he couldn't find his way back to. It's not until Pops, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and even Tom, that he finally gets it. Why they did it. Not just in his head, but in his heart.

He never says thank you, but then he was never going to.
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When your best friend's a Time Lord, you learn to forget the times you almost died, the times your husband did, the times he did; so much badness circles around his head, but what you remember is the adventure, the laughter, and the family you made with a raggedy man and his magical blue box.
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He prefers the tavern to the king's halls, and song to a war cry. Aramis says he is their heart, their laughter, but when the battle lines are drawn he is fiercest amongst the swordsmen, and deadliest amongst the Musketeers. Their voices rise in the great halls like thunder, like cannons, boots echoing to the marble and stone.

One for all.

And all for one.
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"Ooh," Evy hisses, circling around the settee quickly so it stands between her and the living room archway. Rick comes barreling around with that hard set to his face, and she holds up a hand -- still clutching her volume of Petrie. "Now, Rick. Listen..."

"I told you it was a bad idea, Evy. I said it would bring nothing but trouble down on this house!"

"Oh, but Rick! Think of how pleased it's made Alex."

"Alex?" Rick booms, moments before facepalming. "That dog has ruined another pair of my boots!"

He holds up the snarled leather dripping with drool, while their young son and the Saint Bernard puppy lurk meekly around the corner.
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Re: Anger

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Lily rather likes Arizona, once she's spent a little time there. It's so stark compared to the rest of the country, even the Great American Desert, but the soil is beautiful and the sunsets are extraordinary. William indulges her efforts to help, though he spends more time educating her on how to handle stock, and what signs to look for with crops.

"Mrs. Bell, what's that smell?" he asks one afternoon, as they're out off the back of his house trying to revive a small garden for his mother, who's gone to town on errands.

Lily presses her hand to her forehead. "Oh, drats! The cookies! I've forgotten," she cries, rushing back inside the house. She pulls a tray of singed chocolate bricks from the stove, while William laughs over her shoulder. She pushes her hair from her forehead with the back of her hand, and smiles sheepishly. "Do forgive me, William. I had meant to do something nice."
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"That's not possible, Agent."

"It's not impossible, sir," Hill corrects. "Just not very probable."

Fury arches his eyebrow. "Do you mean to tell me that the most sophisticated bird in the sky on this entire planet has just gotten lost?"

Hill shifts her feet. "To be fair, sir, I'm pretty sure Stark upgraded our systems."

Fury knows exactly what that means. It doesn't happen often, but he facepalms.
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Re: Lost

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Tiwa opens the small, velvety box, letting the fine chain dangle from her fingertips. Cocking her head at the pendant -- 'Hope' in fancy silver scrawl, studded with blue and white glass gems -- she gives Red a curious eyeing.

He grins, getting up from the other side of the table. "It reminded me of you."

She cocks her head to the other side as he takes the necklace from her, carefully draping it around her neck. "Hope?"

"'It's the thing with feathers'," he murmurs, kissing her shoulder.
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Re: Hope

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Oh my, I love all of these but the last one made me smile and go aww and I adore the Lily-William one. They're all wonderful. Thank you.
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Re: Hope

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*beams* You're welcome, I'm glad you liked them!