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Gabby ([personal profile] ladyoflorien) wrote2013-07-28 03:07 pm

In honor of [personal profile] innerbrat:

So you know Debi, right? Of course you do. Everyone knows Debi, because Debi is one awesome lady, and not knowing her is a crime. Well, awesome ladies deserve awesome things.

Those who know and love her as I do are probably aware that, after three glorious years of having her in the USA, she'll be moving back to the UK this fall. This leaves a short window of time for all of us Americans to make our way to New York and give her one last hug before she goes across the pond. Real Life get-togethers are being planned for the lucky, but many of us suffer with busy lives and empty pockets, and can't afford the time or expense of traveling great distances. Recognizing this as the travesty it is, what are we to do?

Ladies and gents, I hereby invite you to the worldwide going away party event of the century, to be held across the weekend of August 2-4, 2013. That's this coming weekend! The best part is you can join whenever your schedule permits, come back as many times as you want, and it won't cost a dime. Many of us have been brought together through RP, and that has led to rich and wonderful friendships. So what better way to honor our dearest Debi than with a giant RP party?

The deets: This is going to be held in both [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] mixed_muses, so absolutely anybody and any character is invited, even those we've retired, haven't apped yet, those delightful OCs and AU characters, etc. In Milliways, Porthos is going to be throwing a housewarming party for Dinah Lance, who recently moved to Star City. The set up thread is located here (still in progress, but all pertinent details have already been threaded), and Porthos will be posting an IC invite to the message board shortly. The party is of course entirely opt-in/opt-out. The Mixed Muses post will be hosted by Felicity Smoak, and will be more of a no-holds-barred shindig where anything goes. The posts will go up simultaneously on Friday morning (well, as simultaneously as I can manage), and remain open the entire weekend so those who have work or plans for the weekend can tag in anytime, no RSVP necessary, and slowtimes will be carried on however long the participants want, of course. :)

I've made this a public post so anyone reading can share and link it with your f-lists as well, so that as many of Debi's friends as possible will hear about it and hopefully be able to play. If you don't know Debi, please come play anyway! Meet somebody new and wonderful, and wish her (and Dinah) all the best in their new homes. This isn't a bon voyage, this is a rousing we love you, and welcome home.

The wonderful thing about the internet is we take the people we love with us wherever we go. ♥

Any questions or ideas? Feel free to hit me in the comments section below.

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