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Gabby ([personal profile] ladyoflorien) wrote2014-02-18 07:07 pm

I just have a lot of comic book feelings, okay?

It's my first post of 2014! *fanfare*

I wouldn't get too excited, though; despite battling with an epic Real Life update since the middle of December, I still can't quite figure out where to begin. A lot has happened this winter, and I think I'm still just processing it all. So this is just for fun: some awesome stories I've read lately, that I desperately wanted to share.

1. In Gotham, the night bumps back by blueofthebay: a Galentine's fic about Oracle!Babs Gordon. There are no words for how much I love this, other than perfection. Gosh, hit on my thing for strong female characters why don't you, Laura. It's just incredibly well done.

2. And Let the Future In by ashen_key: Marvel Cinematic Universe/His Dark Materials (daemon AU). While it's a take on what each Avengers' daemon would be, it's also an absolutely brilliant piece about each member of the team, their backgrounds, and their character. The last chapter is my absolute favorite. I adore how Thor is treated in this fic (and the rest of them, for that matter). I just have a lot of feelings and need you to read it so you can have feelings, too.

3. To the End, Against Odds Uncounted by Rosa Lui: a Sarah Rogers / Steve Rogers fic that just dug inside me, pulled out my headcanon, and slapped it on the page. It's so great, you guys. The details make it come alive, it's well-researched, and hot damn did I mention my thing for strong female characters? I love Sarah Rogers, and I love this fic.

Not a fic, but I want to rustle up interest in a community on Dreamwidth called Marvelous Heroines. If you like female Marvel characters, it could use some signal boosting and activity. Particularly if you make things, like awesome fanfics about Marvel ladies. Link, link, link.

And that's all I've got for now. Expect more later, question mark? /pans out to dramatic TO BE CONTINUED music...
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I will need to examine this marvel-ladies more closely tomorrow. = ]

May I post it to the marvel_ways comm for promotional reasons?
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UNRELATED TO MARVEL but involving a lady. I have been reading an AWESOME Robin Hoodie season 3 re-write in which Marian is not dead. AND YES. IT IS GOOD. YES. Um. It's called Travellers Returned
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