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Well, most everybody's heard about it. Everyone was "tweeting" about it last night. But, it still bears saying: this is the last season of 24. For real, this time. Though, according to this article, it seems like the 24 motion picture is all but a reality, with State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray lined up to do the script. Which I wouldn't mind, because that was a rather decent movie.

My thoughts on the cancellation? Read more... )

Now, since I'm rather depressed, and it's been a while since I've done one of these... how about a Goodies Post? Which is to say "A geek-fest where Gabby flails about random things that in no way are even remotely newsworthy," but hey. GOODIES.

Cinematic Titanic, D*C, BSB, DMB, Psych, funny stuff, OH MY )
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This is rather interesting. "ARhrrrr is an augmented reality shooter for mobile camera-phones, Read more... )

A bit more on Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I already linked the teaser trailer a little while ago in my mad flailing and blind exuberance over the entire thing, but there are some other goodies worth exploring. Read more... )

Two weeks ago, I unexpectedly got an e-mail update from the Backstreet Boys newsletter (yes, I subscribe -- they send announcements so infrequently that I forget entirely about it, but it proves most useful in informing me of stuff I would otherwise have no clue). They are releasing a new album. Read more... )

*eyes length of post* And boy, can I ever rant. *whistles*
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Dudes. Four years ago today they released "Return of the King" in theaters. Where does time go? In honor of this auspicious day (suspicious? what day is it?), check it out: How We Became Middle Earth, yet another book! This one about NZ meets Middle Earth.

*wibbles* Whedon, Minear Creative Screenwriting Expo DVDs on sale for $12.95. I... I want! *pouts dramatically* DANG IT I HATE BEING POOR! I really want this.

Note to self: stop forgetting to buy Serenity comics, because new ones are being released and the longer you wait the more money you'll pay. Also to be released, "A Shepherd's Tale" comic featuring Book. Wheee, we get some *spoilerific* BACKSTORY on Book! Finally! I WISH THERE WAS GOING TO BE MORE FIREFLY, STUPID FOX NETWORKS! *shakes fist*

Oh, I am so all about THIS ACTION! Star Trek the tour?!?! I'm so hitting this sucker when it comes to NC. "THE TOUR will provide a unique opportunity to experience Star Trek up close and personal with sets, props and models, motion-simulator rides, merchandise and more all under one very large roof." Wheee!

Japanese Exercise Video/Language class? This... this... this is about the funniest thing I've seen in YEARS. No exaggeration. I laughed until there were tears - it's been a while since I've done that. The phrases they're reciting are so serious and ... they're doing AEROBICS?! *dies* WATCH THIS VIDEO.

50 Nerdy Things to do Before You Die. Some of these are pretty clever/hysterical. My favorite has to be #25.

I automatically endorse any comic that can make a respectable Pee Wee Herman joke. Such brilliance.

How many people have seen the new BSB music video for Helpless When She Smiles? I'm almost embarrassed to post this here. This video is so bad it's led me to declare the Boys just aren't even trying anymore. Aw what the hell, how about a black and white video filmed with a random emo girl out in the middle of nowhere? That sounds new and original. *shakes head* Like a bad Calvin Kline commercial. And I have to say I am rather annoyed that they chose this song to be their next single. Out of all the other perfectly respectable songs on their new album, they chose the freakin' rehashed syrupy overdone BALLAD. BOYS, DO I HAVE TO COME BEAT YOU?! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?!?! *pinches bridge of nose* Worst choice for a single EVER.

In case you haven't seen it already, The trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The trailer begins playing immediately. And also, screen-captures! May 16th!!! Wheeeee!

Also, I would like to preface this link by saying I in no way endorse this movie: Trailer for The Dark Knight. Posted because you have to watch/listen to Heath Ledger's Joker and think to yourself: "...the hell just happened?!" o_O *twitch*

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

GREAT movie. Like 4 9/10 out of 5 stars. ;)

Hm, I'm slightly relieved. I would have expected it to be more.

Finally, if any of my friends out there are having a crappy day and need a little glee? Click here, and I promise you'll be squeeing. (Warning: many pictures may cause the internetz to explode) :)
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The Backstreet Cockatoo. This is what the Boys were talking about on TRL last week, just in case you haven't seen it. Hee.

Review of Unbreakable ) WARNING!: The preceding review is brutally honest! If you can't handle a review that contains anything more than "OMGOMGOMG I LUV IT BSB R AMAZZZING!!1" and a frank, straightforward review might make you angry, then don't read it. I don't have time to deal with flamers.

Has anybody else heard about two episodes of Star Trek the Original Series coming to theaters for a special 2-day event?! I just found out about this yesterday. You cannot believe how much I'd love to go see this.

I can has cheezburger (dot) com is one of the greatest websites known to man. When I saw this picture I laughed so loud it echoed off my monitor. Also, for all the Star Trek TNG fans (or X-men, for that matter)...

I meant to post this a LONG time ago, but I completely forgot! Amazing Bathrooms. The world's 13 most amazing bathrooms. No, seriously. Check them out.

Custom Yoda My Little Pony. I'm not even kidding. Look at it! It is a thing of beauty. If you go to this chick's deviantart gallery she has some other amazing My Little Pony creations up too, such as Edward Elric from FMA and Tohru Honda from FB. Heee.

Is it sad that I really want The Daring Book for Girls?

And I REEEAAAALLY want this. I already know it's sad. Hee, but funny! Oh man I wish I could buy this!

I'm suddenly having a complete block on whatever else I wanted to post. So enjoy these goodies for now. See ya!
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For those of you not on the BSB mailing list... BSB news ) I have to be honest. I'm excited for the new album, but I'm a bit disappointed at the write-up. I was really hoping the Boys would mix it up a bit, release something a bit different, experiment with the music some. I love their voices, their harmonies are great, but I don't want to hear the same recycled songs over and over again just because some big label says they're "hit material" and worth "big bucks." Every now and again they do something totally different than what they release for the radio, like "Beautiful Woman," or "Siberia," so I know they can stretch their wings and still sound good. But every single album seems to have the same song -- "I Want It That Way," "Shape of my Heart," "Inconsolable," they all sound alike. It aggravates me. WIDEN OUT BOYS, FOR PETE'S SAKE! AND DO A FREAKIN' A CAPELLA SONG PLEASE!! Oi.

Also, I finally got to talk to Bria tonight, and during our conversation she started going through her BSB photos to see if she had a picture of AJ wearing a bandanna (long story there). Anyway, in the middle of a perfectly legitimate conversation she suddenly busted out with this:

Bria: ...why is there a picture of Gollum in my Nick folder?

I don't know, maybe you had to be there, but that cracked me up. I couldn't stop laughing for an honest-to-goodness good 5 minutes or so. It just seemed so terribly appropriate to me that there would be a Gollum picture in her Nick folder, and the absurdity of the statement in the middle of our conversation was just priceless. Even better than one of my more recent quotes that I'm proud of... I have quite a collection of toys on my desk. Just one of those things writers do to enable their procrastination. I have a Darth Sidius toy near my monitor (you know the ones you got at burger king with the force control action squirt gun?), and a couple inches toward the other side of my monitor I have two miniature LotR busts Bria gave me when FotR came out. Well I had a friend here last week who felt the need to touch, pick up, or move every single toy on my desk. I noticed a few days ago that Darth Sidius had been moved considerably closer to my LotR busts so I sighed aloud as I moved him back to the other side, "Please refrain from letting Boromir and Pippin near the Dark Lord!" I said it in all sincerity, and the absurdity and appropriateness of the statement didn't strike me until several seconds later. I laughed unabashedly. I'm funny, yo.

Also, I am ecstatic to announce that a new Wes Anderson movie was released in theaters today: The Darjeeling Limited (trailers available on that site, too). I'm so excited about this movie that I might just pay the outrageous theater ticket price so I can see it as soon as possible. God I love Wes Anderson. The man owns my soul. Now, if only I can find the preceding prequel short Hotel Chevalier on-line somewhere...

Also, for all you hardcore Wes Anderson (or Jason Schwartzman) fans, has about 7 hysterical interviews with the duo about the new movie. Can't wait can't wait can't waaaait!
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Sooo... last night was the season premier of "Heroes" and I'm probably the only person on this planet that didn't watch it. Because I never actually watched the entirety of last season in time. Oops. It's fine, I'll probably end up downloading it at some point in the future...

Watched sister's new show, "Journeyman." It was... interesting. I kind of liked it. We'll see how it goes the next couple of weeks. Also watched "Chuck," which was hysterical. I also kind of liked it. Yet another 'we'll see'. Also noteworthy to mention, Wanda Sykes is one of my new favorite actresses evah. Hysterical.

Did all you Backstreet fans know they finally released their video for "Inconsolable"? Well they did, and it's up at the new Backstreet Boys website. The new site is pretty nifty. Lots of new content. Oh, and they have the official track listing and cover art for "Unbreakable" up, too! 13 brand new songs! Ahh, can't wait. Maybe they'll finally do a dang a capella song... without Kevin? No baritone? meh. Stupid Kevin. Also, plenty of TV spots lined up for the end of October, and did anybody see this People magazine article? Interesting stuff! No wonder Nick looks good in the new video, he lost over 40lbs! Sheesh.

Hey, is anyone else reading Joss Whedon's new comic book, "Sugarshock"? This thing is brilliant. I highly recommend you stop whatever it is you're doing and read the pages up on the above website right now. No, really, now.

They've finally released the final DVD of Ergo Proxy! Today volume 6 hit the market, and let me just tell you how excited I am about this. I think I'm going to buy the box set when they release it. Regardless, I've been slavering for some good DVD-rips of the episodes to come out on a bittorrent site for EVER now, and hopefully that will happen soon. WANT DVD-RIPS, PEOPLE!

I also want the last dang episode of Hana Kimi. *sigh* Curse you, Em. Curse you.

I'm about to pimp a new band called Anuna... if you guys like Irish/Celtic music, especially that of a choral nature, then you definitely have to check these guys out. They are AMAZING. Check out the concert they did at a Borders bookstore here.

All right, I'm off to watch the season premier of House and the latest episode of Beauty and the Geek. Have I mentioned how awesome the cast for B&G is this year? It is. Awesome. I'm so addicted to this show. Can I just say the casting bits in the premier episode last week were so frickin' 'ilarious I almost peed my pants? Good stuff, good stuff. I wish I had applied for this season! ;)
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My foot is worse today. As in right now it's smothered in tiger balm and wrapped with tape. Non-professional opinion? I think I may have a sprained ankle or something. It hurts like bloody hell, even when I give it the lightest of touches. It is not. good. Tomorrow we'll be doing a LOT of walking, seeing as you're not allowed to drive to the park where the DMB concert is being held. I can walk with little difficulty, it just hurts when I lift off the ball of my foot and when I point my toes. The pain at this point reaches from the knuckle of my big toe along the top of my foot all the way past my ankle and up my calve by about 4 inches. I'm rather concerned. I have no idea what I did to it. *sigh* I hope tomorrow doesn't suck.

I'm staying the night in Atlanta tomorrow, so I won't be around again until Sunday night at the earliest. So I'll give you all a few parting gifts...

The new BSB album comes out October 30th so mark your calendars. Also, apparently there's been a whole bunch of changes over at, so go check that out.

A Note Passed to Jeff Kinney in Study Hall. Okay, so this guy is the author of a new book entitled "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," which caught my eye. So I checked him out on, found this brief interview, was deeply amused, and decided to share. Check this guy's book out; it looks hilarious!

ZOMG, also the Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet has finally been released on DVD! I'm so excited about this! Here's a wonky PDF file with info about the DVDs.

(Prepare for a bigger ZOMG...)

*sucks in a steadying breath* Wow. WOW. I... I'm so... wow. I could cry, seriously.

Finally, I feel like I should say something about the season finale of "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" ... I'm disappointed The Defuser won. Out of all the applicants this year I found him the least super-heroic. I knew he would win, just like I knew Feedback would win the first season. I guessed both outcomes within the first episode of both seasons. I'm just... well, even though Feedback was not my favorite I was glad he won; this time, however, I'm rather annoyed. I don't like The Defuser. *shrug* Ah well. Hey, did anybody bother watching "Mega Snake" on sci-fi channel? I didn't realize Michael Shanks was going to be in it too.

All right, see ya'll in a couple days!
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Yes, you heard me right. There's new BSB news! Backstreet News )

All this news sparked some rather amusing conversation between myself, [ profile] jedi_bria, and [ profile] bstem03. Ha, it's been like old times. I feel like a teenager again. It's kind of fun! Snippets from our amusing chats )

More goodies!

Serenity Collector's Edition photos. *in creepy gollum voice* Oohh my precious! Mommy want!

HAHAHAHA! Wo-ho-hooooww. Wow. Just when I thought Japan held the monopoly on crack-assed live-action dramas. This is just great. Like seriously? I'll be singing that song when no one is around for the rest. of. my. LIFE. Thank you, R. Kelly. I may buy pirate your DVD.

Amusing anime cross-over: FMA vs Ouran Host Club. This is one of the funniest comics I've seen in a while. Just the idea of Full-Metal Alchemist and Ouran together is... wow. "Boooom-ness" is right. ;)

An unofficial list of the best sci-fi/fantasy films. I found the list quite interesting, so I thought I'd share. I also followed a link on that page to a Johnny Depp article, and snagged this line to share: "Imagine this profile covered with dark, deep, delicious chocolate and fresh raspberries with a dash of musky wood, tobacco and sweat." Um, okay, perfect description of Johnny Depp ever? I do think so. Seriously, I read that and thought "How cool!" Not since an old fanfic several years ago where they described a character as smelling like "rich brown leather and cinnamon gum" have I found a description such as that perfect prose. Because, yeah, that's how I picture Johnny Depp. So true.

I also took a rather interesting Color test the other day. It comes out fairly accurate, but inaccuracies considered it's completely determined on the order in which you pick colors. Heh, neat.

You Are Gonzo the Great

"Is something burning in here? Oh, it's just me."
You're a total nutball who will do anything for attention.
The first to take a dare, you'll pull almost any stunt.
You're one weird looking creature, but your chickens don't mind!

Ha! This is the first time I haven't gotten Fozzie as my result! Heh, the write-up about me seems fairly accurate too...

All right, I'm going away for the weekend so I gotta jet! See you all on Sunday!

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