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Well, most everybody's heard about it. Everyone was "tweeting" about it last night. But, it still bears saying: this is the last season of 24. For real, this time. Though, according to this article, it seems like the 24 motion picture is all but a reality, with State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray lined up to do the script. Which I wouldn't mind, because that was a rather decent movie.

My thoughts on the cancellation? Read more... )

Now, since I'm rather depressed, and it's been a while since I've done one of these... how about a Goodies Post? Which is to say "A geek-fest where Gabby flails about random things that in no way are even remotely newsworthy," but hey. GOODIES.

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New Year's Eve with the Titans!‏

Hey Everyone,

Well, we know what we're doing for New Year's Eve this year, do you? We'll be performing a 3 MOVIE MARATHON live at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia (more specifically, Glenside, PA). Tickets go on sale this Saturday!

Those of you who attended our sold-out shows at the Trocadero earlier this year needn't worry about repeats, we're coming back with 3 different movies than last time:

"War of the Insects"
"Samson and the Seven Miracles"

Then we'll ring in the New Year and after midnight,
"Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks"

Is that some marquee or what? You can make elaborate New Year’s Eve plans that will undoubtedly turn out to be a letdown, or you can come plant your butt in one place and proceed to laugh it off with us.

Curse yoooou, geography! *shakes fist* If only I had a reasonable excuse to be in PA on New Years by myself. Harrumph.

Hey, speaking of horribly outdated things I'm posting:

Rare Star Wars Photos! These have me totally amused. Especially the third picture down from the top. I mean, seriously, what the frell? Good times, good times. I miss Mark Hamill when he still had a face.

Also, is it sad when my very first thought upon seeing Carrie Fisher playing in the snow in that one photo is, "OH GOD, I'M STUCK ON AN ICEBERG WITH MACGUYVER!!!!"?

(That's for all you Stargate fans out there.)
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I am hoooooome at laaaaaast! Arrived around this time last night... got in a good nap, now have to go to work. Meh. Nine hour workday after sixteen hours in a car does NOT equal good times. D:

But I will survive.

Details about my trip upon my return home this eve, or on the morrow. Depending on how exhausted I am tonight. Until then, a few things:

Cinematic Titanic is going on tour again, this time with a double-feature, two-night event! I WANT TO GO. They'll be in Atlanta on May 15th & 16th, but alas! No money for hotel room, and no one to go with me. Wah. Gabby sad now.

One reason why I adore the Cinematic Titanic guys: They're talking about their latest release, BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRES, in the newsletter, and J. Elvis Weinstein says this: "In my opinion it's our best work to date, and having just performed it live in five cities, it's road-tested funny. Our thanks to the film-makers for providing us with this canvas on which to work - A vampire movie, set in 1800's Mexico but shot entirely in the Philippines with an all-Filipino cast. If this movie had a chemical symbol, it would be Au." I just. BWAAAHAHA.

Piratemod is having a post-tax day sale. 20% off! I think it ends today. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! SOMEONE SHOULD BUY ME THE TREASURE MAP! It's only $8! XD? (Coupon code is: PM069TXTIME)

And, lastly (but certainly not leastly!), CLUE: 24 EDITION. I just... BWAAAAHAHAHA. I want this. Please, god. It was Nina Meyers in the Oval Office with a BALLPOINT PEN. XD
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Cinematic Titanic's "Blood of the Vampires" - Available March 19th!

From the newsletter: The shows have been really fun for us and so has meeting so many of you after each of them. Turns out having hundreds of people waiting in line to say nice things to you is good for the spirits - I recommend it for everyone.

AH HA. SO THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN MISSING. Well, come on now people, step up, step up. IT'S MEDICATION TIME.

(that was a joke?)
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Due to the fact that "24: REDEMPTION" is airing in less than 7 hours and I'm TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT, I've decided to post a little Goodies Post for ya'll! *skips about*

The Full-length trailer for the new season of 24. Eeee! Kieeeeefer! Also, OMG TONY. *FLAAAAIL* It all goes down in another 4-hour 2-parter, Sunday January 11th and Monday January 12th (8-10pm ET). Hopefully season seven is a bit better than season six. >.>


Face Off: Jack Bauer vs. James Bond. This just plain amused the heck out of me. Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see a special video snippet of the making of the school attack scene in "24: Redemption!"

Cinematic Titanic
A new episode of CT is out now! It's the all-new Cinematic Titanic take on "SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS." There's all new jokes plus several more minutes of the movie that were cut for time on the MST3K episode. SEE THE TRAILER... "We've got a runner in CT7!"

(Also, according to the newsletter, "the DVD ($14.99) is available at our STORE and following tradition, comes with an autographed thank you card from one of the Titans (psst, this episode is Joel)." XD!)

Nathan Fillion
I'm not sure which surprises me more: the fact that Nathan Fillion actually said that, or the sheer number of items you can purchase with the quote printed on it. *facepalms* Not that it isn't true, but. Come on. Nice, Nathan. Really.

Actually, speaking of which, is there anybody who hasn't heard of the PG Porn project yet? Anybody? No? Just... *facepalms MOAR* If you haven't seen the clip, I highly recommend you don't watch it.

Oh oh oh, and Nathan is going to be in a new ABC sitcom/drama? (trailer) called "Castle!" It looks kind of cheesy but... LOOK AT THAT FACE!! *SMISHES*

Tim Burton
Selections from Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's feature in Vogue magazine. I heart them.

This is just plain awesome: Essential Headgear For The Modern Astro-Traveller... An entire webpage dedicated to Steampunk inventions? I'm so there. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. LOOK AT THAT HELMET! I WANT ONE!
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Today is turning out to be a really really bad day. Ergo, I'm making a random post of happy, because. Damnit.

Realization #1: I love the smell of 5:30am.

Realization #2: I want to know who the first guy who ever thought of combining peanut butter and jelly was. Because, clearly, that man was a visionary and a genius.

Link #1: Watch this prank video Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere directed for Yahoo! Because it's Improv Everwhere. Also, because they're freakin' singing "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello. It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Link #2: Cinematic Titanic's 4th episode, "LEGACY OF BLOOD," will be available OCTOBER 9th. Just in time for three weeks before Halloween, it's a creepy tale of a creepy family (Menendez family creepy, not the Addams Family creepy/kooky blend) bent on surviving a week in a mansion to earn their evil father's fortune. As you might guess, murder is a prominent plot driver here. None of this should bother you too much since we tend to talk a lot throughout the film...hope you don't mind.

Link #3: The video for Honey Honey's single, "Little Toy Gun," featuring Kiefer Sutherland. Um.... yes. Also? Yes. Mmmmm. Yes.

Link #4: Behind the Scenes: Making of Honey Honey's "Little Toy Gun." Yeeeaaaah, this too. Siiiigh. Because there is Kiefer on horseback. And Kiefer playing a serious game of poker. And Kiefer on horseback. And the lead singer is totally adorable and hilarious. We should hang out. Oh, also, there is Kiefer on horseback.

Link #5: Reason number 932,452,454,624 why I love Patrick Rothfuss. Also, Dragon Con. [ profile] jedi_bria informed me my post-Dragon Con entry was tied with this one for best blog report she's seen on Dragon Con. I have to admit, those are some pretty sweet cat ears. And...boobs?

Link #6: Tobias Buckell followup: Caption contest: Pat Rothfuss in cat ears. Read the comments section. They're *hilarious*

Sigh. I feel moderately better.
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It's been a while since I've done one of these. Not for lack of effort or anything. I have saved goodies posts from February--FEBRUARY!--that, honestly, I'll probably post anyway for hilarity reasons. Also, just so I have notes in my journal about what happened when. Heh. Outdated news for the win, guys.

Hopefully these aren't TOO outdated (we'll ignore the fact I meant to post these a week and a half ago)...

Joss Whedon/Dr. Horrible
Guys, I want you to look closely at this screencap. No, not at the hilariously wonderful Neil Patrick Harris. Over in the window, all the way to the left. What do you see? Read more... )

Fan Videos: Dr. Horrible: The Early Years - Episode 1 and Episode 2. This kid is adorable.

More Dr. Horrible icons. I imagine these little suckers are all over the place now, but these ones were prettiful. I gives them special props. Also, there are five pages of them. So, keep yourselves busy. ;)

Also, the Captain Hammer comic rocks my socks. Seriously. While you're there, check out Sugar Shock too. ♥'s Joss.

Have any of you come to know the love of Patrick Rothfuss? If not, you must commence with reading his blog forthwith! The man, a fantasy fiction writer, is also one of the most hilarious personages I've come across in my internet meanderings. His blog is one of my few happy places. And he recently posted a review/reaction for Dr. Horrible. Read more... )

Also, Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Felicia Day Okay. I have to ask. Is Joss Whedon as cool as I think he is? Yes, he's worthy of every kind of crush you could develop, I hate to say it. He's one of the most creative people I've ever met and he has a good and true heart. A real gentleman and a pleasure to be around.

Epic Fu interview with Jed, Maurissa, and Zack. Pretty short little interview, in which they talk about a most awesome contest I fully intend on entering, if I can ever find the alleged information they promised would be on the alleged website...

And for those without iTunes, you can still watch the whole thing here. Don't worry, totally on the up-and-up. Joss gets props.

Oh, also? [ profile] jedi_bria is writing Dr. Horrible fanfic. I heart this woman with all my soul.

Chat excerpt in which Bria and I unwisely combine two fandom obsessions - Dr. Horrible and Lord of the Rings )

Sony May Infect With "Venom". Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. Oh god NO. *facepalms*

Let me preface this by saying I have not seen The Dark Knight, nor do I have any intention whatsoever of seeing The Dark Knight, so these thoughts are completely and utterly biased. Also, going behind a cut tag for those who are easily offended. Read more... )

This sounds like an amazing movie. Why haven't I seen it in theaters or advertised??

"Cinematic Titanic: The Oozing Skull" is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD at the low, Steve Jobsian price of $9.99! I STILL NEED TO SEE THIS! Also, I pulled this from the CT Newsletter: Read more... )

MST3k 20th Anniversary Box Set )

Robert Downey, Jr. Steps Up for Sherlock. Aw man. Not pleased!

Ho jeeze... am I the only one who didn't know they were making a new Green Hornet movie with Seth Rogen? Funnyman Seth Rogen is working on the screenplay for the upcoming adaptation of The Green Hornet. In addition to penning the script, Rogen will also star as millionaire publishing magnate Brit Reid and his alter ego, the crime-busting Green Hornet. Columbia Pictures plans to release the film on June 25, 2010, which is exactly two years from today. No word yet as to who will play the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato, previously played by martial arts star Bruce Lee in the 1960s television series. Rogen has expressed interest in having Stephen Chow take the role. Rogen will also serve as the film's executive producer. Taken from here.

For all lovers of National Treasure (of which there should be MANY): Are you planning another National Treasure now? We are planning it. Whether we make it or not is tricky. We will make it if we feel we're not going to embarrass ourselves by making it, which means we think we've come up with a great story and somewhere for the characters to go. Taken from here. I hope they make more [good] ones. I deeply enjoy the National Treasure franchise.

OH NO. Tom Cruise a "Top Gun" Again? *HEADDESK*

Interview: Futurama's David X. Cohen. There are some periodic flashbacks that explain a little more about things that happened [in the] first [film]. There'll be a couple instances of that in Bender's Game [due out this fall]. We explain the back story a little bit more of Nibbler and of the Professor and there will be a few explanations of things that happened. The attempt is made, at least, and I hope we pulled it off to do those things in such a way that if you didn't see them the first time, it'll just be a bonus for those people who say, "A-ha! That explains why..." WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now all I need is to see The Beast With a Billion Backs. *headdesk*

Tiny Ninja Theater presents: Macbeth. This is the answer. The question is "what is the most awesome thing ever?!"
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There's a lot this week, and some of the news is old, therefore I'm putting it behind a cut-tag to spare my friends page. Those of you who are interested, please clicky-clicky! ;)

Goodies and News! Farscape, Firefly, LotR, Music, Movies, etc! )

All right, this wasn't nearly as big as I intended for it to be. I ran out of time. More updates are imminent, but for now I run to catch a PLANE! Oh family visiting, oh impromptu trips away from home, how you backlog my journal so!

As of a few moments ago:
sardonicynic: You're the Nathan to my Tony!
(see: previous friends-locked post for clarification)

I? Am seriously amused by this girl.

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