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It has been one heck of a long time since I made a public entry here. Not for lack of want! But now I've entered that stage where it's been so long that I feel like I need something REALLY GOOD to say. You think I'm joking, but you haven't seen my doc files full of links and fic ideas and movie reviews etc etc for posting. This is me: crazy.

Unfortunately, this post is all about DRAGON*CON PLANNING! So to everybody out there coming to D*C this weekend, here's the info on me, where I'll be, and the best way of catching me. I know this is going up super late in the game, but hey. It's me. The fact that it's going up at all is SO MUCH PROGRESS. *affixes a gold star to my forehead*

Hotel/Arrival/Meeting up/Basic details )

Where you can catch me/Availability )

In Sum:
WE SHOULD HANG OUT. To those I have tentative plans with, be sure you contact me so I can add them into my schedule/calendar.

And, to all those not attending, if there's anything you'd really like (I used to offer phone calls from celebs, but last year they cracked down on that due to some really ridiculous lawsuits filed against the celebs. IDEK. So that's probably unlikely), such as pictures, video, an autograph, etc (subject to free vs. $$), let me know! I'll be doing video for some of the writing panels as I mentioned above, I'll be hanging around the Walk of Fame, Artists/Comics Alley, and the Dealers Exhibits, so I can hook you up. Maybe. XD

OKAY, THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. I was going to ramble a bit more, but the afternoon is waxing away and I need a snack. >_> Potentially more later.

D*C stuff!

Sep. 1st, 2010 11:51 pm
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RIGHT. So, I've been meaning to post regarding D*C for a while now, but, as with most things in my life, here I am doing it last minute!

This is first a call to all the milli-muns who will be in Atlanta this weekend for the Con (or others): I'll be arriving bright and early tomorrow morning, with a small group of muns! If anyone wants to arrange for hanging out, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. It'll likely be the most trustworthy way of getting ahold of me, unless we've already exchanged phone numbers. I would love to hear from you all, especially since I won't be making it to the Milli-dinner planned for Saturday night at 7pm -- BROWNCOATS REDEMPTION WHOOOO SO EXCITED!

Secondly, if anyone would like anything from Con, let me know! I take requests for anything free or reasonably cheap. Pictures, phone calls, that sort of thing! For instance: before I started attending, [ profile] jedi_bria would have stars call and leave voice messages for me. I still have them. ♥

-Adam Savage call Calvin
-Picture of Klingon
-Mike Mignola autograph
-Brandon Routh call Sef
-Stalk the following: Brent Spiner, John DiMaggio, Firefly cast
-Picture of Michael Trucco

SO. Check out or the epic cast list and let me know, loves! :D

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Well, most everybody's heard about it. Everyone was "tweeting" about it last night. But, it still bears saying: this is the last season of 24. For real, this time. Though, according to this article, it seems like the 24 motion picture is all but a reality, with State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray lined up to do the script. Which I wouldn't mind, because that was a rather decent movie.

My thoughts on the cancellation? Read more... )

Now, since I'm rather depressed, and it's been a while since I've done one of these... how about a Goodies Post? Which is to say "A geek-fest where Gabby flails about random things that in no way are even remotely newsworthy," but hey. GOODIES.

Cinematic Titanic, D*C, BSB, DMB, Psych, funny stuff, OH MY )
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Due to the fact that "24: REDEMPTION" is airing in less than 7 hours and I'm TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT, I've decided to post a little Goodies Post for ya'll! *skips about*

The Full-length trailer for the new season of 24. Eeee! Kieeeeefer! Also, OMG TONY. *FLAAAAIL* It all goes down in another 4-hour 2-parter, Sunday January 11th and Monday January 12th (8-10pm ET). Hopefully season seven is a bit better than season six. >.>


Face Off: Jack Bauer vs. James Bond. This just plain amused the heck out of me. Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see a special video snippet of the making of the school attack scene in "24: Redemption!"

Cinematic Titanic
A new episode of CT is out now! It's the all-new Cinematic Titanic take on "SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS." There's all new jokes plus several more minutes of the movie that were cut for time on the MST3K episode. SEE THE TRAILER... "We've got a runner in CT7!"

(Also, according to the newsletter, "the DVD ($14.99) is available at our STORE and following tradition, comes with an autographed thank you card from one of the Titans (psst, this episode is Joel)." XD!)

Nathan Fillion
I'm not sure which surprises me more: the fact that Nathan Fillion actually said that, or the sheer number of items you can purchase with the quote printed on it. *facepalms* Not that it isn't true, but. Come on. Nice, Nathan. Really.

Actually, speaking of which, is there anybody who hasn't heard of the PG Porn project yet? Anybody? No? Just... *facepalms MOAR* If you haven't seen the clip, I highly recommend you don't watch it.

Oh oh oh, and Nathan is going to be in a new ABC sitcom/drama? (trailer) called "Castle!" It looks kind of cheesy but... LOOK AT THAT FACE!! *SMISHES*

Tim Burton
Selections from Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's feature in Vogue magazine. I heart them.

This is just plain awesome: Essential Headgear For The Modern Astro-Traveller... An entire webpage dedicated to Steampunk inventions? I'm so there. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. LOOK AT THAT HELMET! I WANT ONE!
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Today is turning out to be a really really bad day. Ergo, I'm making a random post of happy, because. Damnit.

Realization #1: I love the smell of 5:30am.

Realization #2: I want to know who the first guy who ever thought of combining peanut butter and jelly was. Because, clearly, that man was a visionary and a genius.

Link #1: Watch this prank video Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere directed for Yahoo! Because it's Improv Everwhere. Also, because they're freakin' singing "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello. It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Link #2: Cinematic Titanic's 4th episode, "LEGACY OF BLOOD," will be available OCTOBER 9th. Just in time for three weeks before Halloween, it's a creepy tale of a creepy family (Menendez family creepy, not the Addams Family creepy/kooky blend) bent on surviving a week in a mansion to earn their evil father's fortune. As you might guess, murder is a prominent plot driver here. None of this should bother you too much since we tend to talk a lot throughout the film...hope you don't mind.

Link #3: The video for Honey Honey's single, "Little Toy Gun," featuring Kiefer Sutherland. Um.... yes. Also? Yes. Mmmmm. Yes.

Link #4: Behind the Scenes: Making of Honey Honey's "Little Toy Gun." Yeeeaaaah, this too. Siiiigh. Because there is Kiefer on horseback. And Kiefer playing a serious game of poker. And Kiefer on horseback. And the lead singer is totally adorable and hilarious. We should hang out. Oh, also, there is Kiefer on horseback.

Link #5: Reason number 932,452,454,624 why I love Patrick Rothfuss. Also, Dragon Con. [ profile] jedi_bria informed me my post-Dragon Con entry was tied with this one for best blog report she's seen on Dragon Con. I have to admit, those are some pretty sweet cat ears. And...boobs?

Link #6: Tobias Buckell followup: Caption contest: Pat Rothfuss in cat ears. Read the comments section. They're *hilarious*

Sigh. I feel moderately better.
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(This post is over a week late, so if some of the news is a little outdated.... oops.)

Given the enormous size of this Goodies Post, I have decided to introduce a new format. The links and goodies will hereby be categorized alphabetically and by fandom for easier viewing and locating.

Test Your AniKnowledge Here! 70 Trivial Questions on Anime/Manga/Seiyuu! This is possibly the ultimate Anime quiz. I haven't done it yet, but I glanced over some of the questions and comments, and it looks like a really hard test. I'm excited to try my luck with it. If you fill it out, let me know your score.

Books/Comics/Graphic Novels
I really want to read the new "The Gunslinger Born" graphic novel. It's part of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series, though, and I am not a Stephen King fan. However, has pages from the novel up for viewing, and my interest is piqued. To read or not to read, that is the question...

System of a Down Drummer Opens Comic Book Store. This has got to be one of the coolest things in music news I've heard since Radiohead released their entire album on-line on a donation basis. They don't carry any Serenity/Firefly swag yet, but I have high hopes for torpedo comics...

I love XKCD. A Princess Bride joke in the middle of a h4ck3r rant? This man is brilliant. Read this guy's comic: it is gold. (also the link I posted is part 5 in a 5-part comic, so you might want to go back to part 1 to get the whole story)

IT'S D-DAY FOR FUTURAMA! That's right, the NEW Futurama movie, "Bender's Big Score," was officially released TODAY! I've seen the movie, due to sneaky underhanded on-line downloading means (but fully intend on renting the DVD and watching the episodes when they're aired on TV, because Matt Groening deserves my money, yo), and I have to tell you guys it is AWESOME. I have missed my Futurama! So, in honor of this auspicious day follow the yellow brick link to Can't Get Enough Futurama's special page of goodies (including reviews, articles, pictures, interviews, video and audio clips)! I highly recommend checking out the links to WIRED magazine--they did a great job on the article. *sigh* Can't wait for the next movie!!!!

Lord of the Rings
Also, I've been meaning to post this for a while but keep forgetting: DM of the Rings: a comic involving both LOTR and RPG humor. It is good stuff, especially if you've ever played an RPG before. One of my favorite comics can be found here (yay for Monty Python crossovers!). I think I annoyed M when she took me to her SW RPG last time I visited because of how not invested I was in what the DM was saying. I've been playing RPGs for over 7 years now, of course I'm uninterested in what the DM is saying! To quote the author of this comic: The DM will do a lot of talking, but if he's not rolling the dice then what he's saying is probably not important. The DM is mostly just there for mocking purposes. Anyhoo, be sure you read this comic AND the notes underneath. Obviously a DM in real life, this guy follows up each comic with an amusing post about the complexities of his role as DM and the idiocy of the people he plays with. Gotta love RPGers; I think I laughed the hardest when the comments for this comic quickly degenerated into an argument over who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo. I ♥ GEEKS!

Australia, meet Middle Earth. Whoever drew this is simultaneously not doing enough with their life and one of the coolest people ever ("Middle Perth" *snortgiggle*). Click here for the direct image link.

Did anyone else know they were making an Iron Man movie? I found out about this by accident as I was surfing around IMDB yesterday. At first I was excited. Then I looked at the cast. Robert Downey Jr.?!?! Are you kidding me?! Clearly you must be kidding me, because only a complete moron would think, "Hey, you know who would make a great Tony Stark? Robert Downey Jr.!" WHAT THE HELL, MOVIE INDUSTRY?! I am also not sure how I feel about Samuel L. Jackson being cast as Nick Fury. As a rule all Samuel L. Jackson movies suck, so aside from all the other evidence this movie will be a bomb, casting Samuel L. Jackson was like giving it the kiss of death. People... please... please don't ruin all of my favorite comics, mmkay? I mean, don't you think you're hurting me enough with The Dark Knight?? *stabs Christopher Nolan* We hates you, precious! *holds back yet another overly-agitated Batman rant*

Check out Why? BECAUSE THE MST3K TEAM IS BACK, BABY! That's right, all the info is right there in this page. Please give it a look and pass the link along to spread the news. I am so very very excited for this. Yay movie riffing! (and in case you miss the link, interviews Joel)

Stargate SG-1 (even though Ben Browder and Claudia Black will always be from Farscape)
MGM's official promotion pictures and movie stills for Stargate: The Ark of Truth. If you haven't heard about the Stargate DVDs, then click here for more info, and Look! The trailer!. It still weirds me out watching SG-1 now. There are too many sci-fi fandom characters in the cast now. It's like watching Starscapefirflandromeda... *rubs temples*

Stargate super panel at Dragon*con video 1, video 2, and video 3. Videos of the cast of SG-1 speaking at their Dragon*Con panel this September (Claudia speaks in videos 1 and 3). Also, Michael Shanks talks about spoofing Farscape. Oi vey, yo. ;)

Swag (various fandoms)
IE Best Buy Polo Shirts. Inspired by the Improv Everywhere Best Buy prank. This is possibly one of the most brilliant things I've seen lately. I want one.

The Piedmont Park swag is up for pre-order at the official Dave Matthews Band store! I am so excited the concert I attended is going to be on a DVD/CD. Wheeee, I told you all in my concert review that it felt like I was "part of DMB history!" BUY THE CD... IT IS GOD AMAZING! DMB also have concert footage up at from their "World's Loudest Pep Rally," so be sure to check that out (always worth seeing Dave perform live). AND they have opened their very own facebook account with 16 different songs available to stream. Yay DMB music!

Writer's Strike stuff
Not the Daily Show, With Some Writer. This video captures one of the writers for The Daily Show cleverly and wittily talking about the on-going writers strike. Follow it up with another video on the writer's strike (by the writers of the Colbert Report). Support the Writers Strike:

World Clock. Has anybody else seen this? This is nuts, yo. Check out all the features, too, by clicking the buttons on the top.

Also, this is mildly amusing. Ahh, the Dutch! Gotta love them. Does anybody know what the song is playing on this page? Because I totally dig it and want to download it. If anybody knows, please leave a comment.

Finally, I will leave you with this week's moment of zen: Something I Bet You Didn't Know! Joss Whedon co-wrote "Toy Story." Yeah, amazing isn't it? I don't know about all of you, but I'd like to keep this man paid. Anyone else? Anyone?

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