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It was 73 degrees outside today. I have no idea what's up with that. Well, I mean, global warming and the end of the world yes, but everyone knows that. All weekend long it was warm outside - now, in the middle of December. Seriously NC, what's up with that?

Dave Matthews video. This is one of the funniest things I've seen Dave do (language advisory). It's a bit lengthy, but HYSTERICAL (especially Dave's bushman impression). Dave talks about South Africa and where "Eh Hee" came from (he also jams out a bit of it), then he plays "Dancing Nancies" live. Who knew the man was so freakin' funny?

Why did it take me nearly a year to discover ScapeCast?! It's a Farscape podcast, and it is amazing. I don't think I've ever pimped it in my journal before, have I? Well I rectify that folly tonight! Go check out Scapecast if you haven't already (get the LJ feed)! The latest episode is bloody hysterical. I also pulled a little news on the webisodes from their bulletin boards that I thought I'd share. It isn't much that I didn't know already, but it's a little something for anyone who hasn't heard any details about the project: Farscape webisodes )

Gigi Edgley has also alluded to being part of the webisode project in an interview, but of course there's nothing solid to confirm that. She does have a movie premiering on the Sci Fi channel on the 15th, though, called Showdown at Area 51. Tune in at 9pm if you want to catch that.

I've started re-watching the first season of Farscape. Night before last I watched the first three episodes, and though season one has never been my favorite season of Farscape, I forget just how witty and amazing the episodes really are. I am a big fan of season three, a Crazy!John devotee, and my all time favorite episode is "Dog With Two Bones." But season one John (together with D'Argo and Zhaan) is so endearing, like a little boy in a great big toy store. Everything that happens, everything he sees, he takes so seriously at first. The way the rest of the crew react to his pop culture references and bizarre idioms at first is always hysterical. Though "I, E.T." holds one of my favorite quotes ("Kind of reminds me of Louisiana. Or Degobah. ...Degobah, where Yoda lives." "Who's Yoda?" "Just a little green guy. Trains warriors." "..Oh."), it is also one of the most aggravating episodes of the whole series. The reason? The show is so believable, the plot so well done, the science really steady, that it just bugs the heck out of me that they never explain how John and the inhabitants of the planet Moya crash-lands on are able to communicate. John has the translator microbes, so it makes sense he can understand them, but they have never made alien contact, never ventured off their planet, so how can they understand him? Ugh, inconsistencies! The Achilles Heel of science fiction! So hard for me to overlook. But you know I love my Farscape, devotedly and unfailingly. It's so well done, otherwise. So yay for rediscovering one's love for the first season (can't wait 'til I get to "PK Tech Girl!")

I've tried to hold it in for so long, but I just can't do it any longer. *looks to the left* *looks to the right* FARSCAPE IS THE BEST SCI-FI TELEVISION SHOW... IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN STAR TREK! *waits for the gasps to subside* YES! THAT'S RIGHT! I SAID IT! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? Huh?! What are you gonna do, leave argumentative comments in my journal? WELL, I DARE YOU! Don't think I haven't thought this through! I've got a plethora of reasons to show that I'm right and you're wrong! So go ahead, make my day and leave your comment! ;)

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Bonzo Madrid and Petra Arkanian are having a snowball fight in Milliways at the moment. And he's a Jedi? ... o__O [ profile] milliways_bar is completely destroying what's left of my mind. ;)

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