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Pursuant to this post, The On-line Party of Special Magnificence Otherwise Known as International Debi Day (or Debi Weekend) has now commenced!

Milliways and Mixed Muses posts are now OPEN.

Feel free to toss in placeholders for later if you're not available for srs bsns threading right away. Debi will be off and on the internet all weekend, as will myself. Plotting can and will happen at a time convenient to you. Yes, you!

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Do you love spectacular photography? Do you love bustling city life? Are you a fan of the simple artistry in New York living? Then won't you please check out Swankyfunk's photography sale, and help support a starving artist and really wonderful all-around person? I have ordered prints from her, and they're even more beautiful in person. A true professional, and a true artist. Please think about buying a print, even if you only have a few dollars to spare. Every little bit helps.
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Hello my dears!

When do I not start a post by apologizing about not yet getting around to writing about all the things I've promised to get around to writing? So that isn't what this first paragraph's about. No, really. (*shifty* But I do have a few posts that've been brewing in my head for a while.) Instead, I'm just going to hop right into it.

This is indeed one of those Signal Boosting posts, otherwise known as Hey, Anybody Out There Want To Buy Some Awesome Stuff? In brief, you all know Li, right?... )

Thanks for listening to me. ♥
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First order of business: May the Fourth be with you! Yes, happy Star Wars Day, everyone. XD

Who Knew? Yahoo! presents a quick little video on geek holidays.

Second order of business: I blame [ profile] ceitfianna and [ profile] the_croupier forever for getting me hooked on this game. I now share the torment with you. I created for a while, composing stirring symphonies of light and sound... then I decided to recreate some of my favorite compositions, and... lost. Lost forever in square grid music composition land? Le sigh.

Third order of business: I think my custom mood theme disappeared. :-/

Fourth order of business: Hey guys. I miss you. What's up?
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You know who you are.

All right, flist. I've finally broken down and signed up for Twitter. Friend me for amusing user error shenanigans as I figure out how to make this bloody thing work. *FROWNS FOREVER*
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"Pooh!" whispered Piglet.
"Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh.
"Oh, nothing," said Piglet.
"I was just making sure of you."

I received this card in the mail today. This past year has given me incredible perspective, which is something I feel I've been lacking in my life. I rejoice in my friends, grateful for every day I have their strength, hope, happiness, and vitality. And occasionally I am reminded, they rejoice in me, too.

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Right. So, now that I've had a good and epic freak out rant, let's get back to your regularly scheduled programming. No, not the radio silence! :|

SO, GUYS. I haven't actually been keeping up with my flist, because I fail. YOUR MISSION, IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: update me on what I've missed! This means: links to LJ posts, or fun pictures/videos/links, or tagging me for memes, or ANYTHING. *pokes at you allllll*


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