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Okay, this isn't my usual fare. It's also just a teeny little spattering! Kind of a drive-by post for my new bestest friend Brittany. ;)

1. 2.

So.. humans have easily injured knees. My race will find this information very useful indeed. Mwahwahahahaha! )
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Also, for the time being, it's still on-line! Go watch before that changes!
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Second batch of icons! I know I said I would post this about two days ago, but I? Am a bum, and was off in never never land, forgetting all about LJ. ...Well, not all about LJ... *ahem* *shifty eyes* But definitely all about my journal. Sowwies.

Massive amounts of info and images behind the cut tag. Go look! Enjoy! Share!


78 Icons: Fruits Basket, Farscape, lolcats, Star Trek:TOS, miscellaneous + bases )

My previous icon post can be found here. I'm currently working on setting up a page to house all my icons so you will be able to see my older icons as well. Also, if you like these icons and think you know someone else who would appreciate them, spread the love! The more the merrier! :)

Okay, this is the last BIG icon post I have. However, smaller ones are imminent... fwahaha!

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Hai! My first icon post! I is so excited! (Curse you, lolcats, for ruining my grammar!)

Massive amounts of info and images behind the cut tag. Go look! Enjoy! Share!


86 Icons: Firefly Cast, Futurama, Pushing Daisies + Bases )

I'm currently working on a page to house all my icons, so you can see my older icons as well. Also, if you like these icons and think you know someone else who would appreciate them, spread the love! The more the merrier! :)

Icon post TWO: THE REVENGE OF THE DWEEB, is immenent. Some things included: Farscape icons en masse, Fruits Basket, lolcats, and moooore. Look out for that. ;)
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So how am I ringing in my new year?

Well, I'm listening to my awesome new Ned/Chuck fanmix, courtesy of [ profile] inara223 (seriously, it's amazing... go loooook!), trying to decide if I hear fireworks or just some low drums in "Scenic World."

I'm making icons, preparing to split an icon post I've been intending to make because I've made tooooo many to put in one post (currently working on a Gina Torres icon; just finished a few Morena Baccarin and Ned/Chuck icons).

I'm RPing with a Mixed Muses friend.

I'm preparing to go get a glass of pepsi. Diet. ...No alcohol.

I am surfing the web.

So, officially 5 minutes into 2008, and I'm still the same geek I always have been. *nods definitively* Yeeeaaah... New Years? You mean people still celebrate that?! ;D

(In brighter news, I am 22lbs [make that 23lbs] lighter than I was in 2007....)


Dec. 14th, 2007 01:19 am
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You know what band I'm really into lately? Athlete. These guys are fantastic; go check them out.

Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. ... Wow. ... That is really depressing.

I want a Fruity Oaty Bar lunch box. Some cool new Firefly/Serenity things are in our future! Er, and in our now. Ish? I really need to go pick up Those Left Behind. Can't waaaaaait for the new comics! And ohhh my god, I want THIS!

Exclusive excerpt from Serenity Found, "I, Malcolm". This has been around for a while, but I just needed to link it. It's a short essay written by Nathan Fillion on what it was like playing Mal, and it is fantastic. "As the show went on, I quickly understood how much I depended on those motivated, creative, hard-working ladies and bastards (typed with love, you bastards). Certainly, I was a small cog in a smooth-running (almost all the time) machine that produced product. Bottled sunshine? White lightning? Liquid gold? Red kryptonite? Call it what you will, it was great, it had kick, and would probably take ten years off Superman's life."

Um, that is the best suggested product pairing EVER, Amazon. Seriously... such brilliance. Such brilliance.

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. How did I not know they were making this book into a movie?! There is a teaser trailer on this page, too! AND THE CAST! I am so excited.

I know I don't generally post anything outside of fandom goodies, but look! Dinosaur fossils! I am still an archaeologist at heart, even if my academic career says otherwise...

Because apparently I have nothing better to do with my time, I have been making icons. *shakes head* I am a pathetic person, and I'll probably be making an icon post in the near future. Look out for that. =P

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