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As part of my return to this journal, this is a post of all the neat things I've collected in my FF tabs over the past months for quick reference. Uh. Some things seriously outdated (this is mostly for my own reference).

AMV: Durarara! )

Funny photos: Pirate kitteh; Poker with Nathan Fillion )

Movies: The Hobbit )

Oh, JAPAN. )

Really Random: Nicholas Cage; Cafepress[Prose]; Failblog[Twilight] )

Youtube: TLAPD; Waldo Ultimatum; You Again featuring our favorite cranky redhead; The Jane Austen Drinking Game )


Jan. 27th, 2008 04:16 am
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**I'm sorry, Gabby can't come to the computer right now, as she's died of laughter. The good news is her abs will look AWESOME at her funeral. If you are saddened by this event to the point that you feel like you cannot cope, please see the cat bible for solace. We now return you to your regularly scheduled friends page...**
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Second batch of icons! I know I said I would post this about two days ago, but I? Am a bum, and was off in never never land, forgetting all about LJ. ...Well, not all about LJ... *ahem* *shifty eyes* But definitely all about my journal. Sowwies.

Massive amounts of info and images behind the cut tag. Go look! Enjoy! Share!


78 Icons: Fruits Basket, Farscape, lolcats, Star Trek:TOS, miscellaneous + bases )

My previous icon post can be found here. I'm currently working on setting up a page to house all my icons so you will be able to see my older icons as well. Also, if you like these icons and think you know someone else who would appreciate them, spread the love! The more the merrier! :)

Okay, this is the last BIG icon post I have. However, smaller ones are imminent... fwahaha!


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