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In other movie-everybody-has-seen-but-me news, last night I finally saw Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, staring everyone on the planet.
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆   3 out of 5 stars.
Brief Synopsis: For the fan of Steven Spielberg's sprawling epics, Daniel Day-Lewis takes us through the last four months of Lincoln's life, focusing primarily on the vote for the 13th Amendment. The dialog was the stand-out star of the film, though it was punctuated throughout by Spielberg's love for the melodramatic and moving. Knock-out performances were given by the approximately one million Hollywood actors involved in the project, though they weren't as breathtaking as all the reviews claimed. The music, composed by John Williams (of course), was the runner-up star of the film, managing an unassuming ethereal backdrop and a poignant plot arc of its own. Overall, I was left a little flat if the intent was to move and inspire me, as the majority of Spielberg's work strives for; however, I loved seeing Lincoln through the eyes of his Cabinet, and the humanizing effect the story had on all of these larger-than-life characters.

The Acting: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader, Tommy Lee Jones, Lee Pace, etc etc. )

Plot and Script: a Writer's Dream )

A few other thoughts on the cinematography, pacing, and overall composition )

Overall, I did like the movie. I wanted to love it, but you win some and you lose some. I think it's worth seeing for the dialog alone, and the wonderful performances given by Field, Spader, and Day-Lewis.
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This week, I watched Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, and The Karate Kid.
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Brief synopsis: The movie delves into the height of Hitchcock's genius and madness while writing, adapting, and filming Psycho. While it isn't the broad look at the man I had been expecting, it's a fascinating journey through his creative process, Hollywood of the 1950s, the issues of sexism in the movie business, and his relationship with his wife, Alma. With sumptuous art and costume design, an understated soundtrack, and masterful performances from the cast, it itself was a work of art.

The Performances: Anthony Hopkins at his best )

The Plot: Behind Every Psycho is a Great Woman (tagline) )

Direction, cinematography, editing, design, music, and so on )

Good evening.
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I'm warning you at the outset that this will primarily be a review of the new HFR;RPX technology, the actor's performances, and other filmmaking thoughts of this ilk more so than story line or plot, so if you're not in the mood for cinematography babble you might want to mosey on by.

48FPS? But what does it MEAN? )

All right, you've blithered on about filmmaking long enough, now what about the actual movie? )

Now, about Martin whats-his-name and Richard Dreamboatenshield (and the rest)... )

I can't really give the film a star rating, as I feel so much of my experience was influenced by the 3D HFR;RPX. It's too hard to disambiguate the two. I will say, however, that I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing it on DVD, and at the very least it's a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

In the grand scheme of things Jackson/Tolkien related, I would say, in order from favorite to least favorite, it falls thusly: 1) The Two Towers; 2) Fellowship of the Ring; 3) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; 4) Return of the King.
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I meant to post this stuff several days ago, but I can be selfish with mah goodies sometimes? >_>

FINALLY, WE WERE PROMISED AT DRAGON*CON, AND NOW THEY DELIVER: Farscape: The Complete Series!!! 88 episodes and 15 hours of bonus features on 26 discs... More special features + Amazon review ) Soooo excited! However, if you have the Starburst Editions, customers recommend you HOLD ONTO THEM! Some of the special features from those discs did not make it to this new set. There's a rather neat video interview with Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and Rockne S. O'Bannon included on the amazon webpage, too. They give us a teeeeeeeny bit of information on the webisodes (in production [EEEEE!], and take place right after the comics that are currently coming out), and it ended with possibly the best "Oh, Ben," I have ever heard from Claudia's mouth. :D!

IRONMAN 2 TRAILER!!!! Watch it in high-def! This trailer tells you absolutely NOTHING about plot (nooooot a good sign), but you get to see lots of cool special effects! After all, since when do modern movies need a plot? Or a script? Let's see that car go boom again!

Johnny Depp explains how he picked his poison with the Mad Hatter. When he takes on a role, Johnny Depp often paints a watercolor portrait of the still-forming character to help find his face and personality. After putting the finishing touches on his painting for “Alice in Wonderland,” Depp looked down at the Mad Hatter staring back at him from the canvas and giggled. “I was thinking,” the actor said, “‘Oh my God, this one will get me fired!’” BWAAAHAHA. This was an *excellent* article.

Also, whaaaat is this? Johnny Depp is rumored to be in the new Lone Ranger movie? :O! THIS IS EXCITING!

Avatar: a brief, personal movie review )

Misc Geekery:
Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar 2009. Keep checking this page, because every day, for the next 25 days, a new photo will be revealed here from the Hubble Space Telescope, some old and some new. God, some of these are absolutely incredible. Just... blow your mind beautiful. EXHIBIT A: How insane is this picture?! :O!

That's all for now! Time to go batten down the hatches for the great Ice and Wind Storm of 2009. -_-
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Dudes. Four years ago today they released "Return of the King" in theaters. Where does time go? In honor of this auspicious day (suspicious? what day is it?), check it out: How We Became Middle Earth, yet another book! This one about NZ meets Middle Earth.

*wibbles* Whedon, Minear Creative Screenwriting Expo DVDs on sale for $12.95. I... I want! *pouts dramatically* DANG IT I HATE BEING POOR! I really want this.

Note to self: stop forgetting to buy Serenity comics, because new ones are being released and the longer you wait the more money you'll pay. Also to be released, "A Shepherd's Tale" comic featuring Book. Wheee, we get some *spoilerific* BACKSTORY on Book! Finally! I WISH THERE WAS GOING TO BE MORE FIREFLY, STUPID FOX NETWORKS! *shakes fist*

Oh, I am so all about THIS ACTION! Star Trek the tour?!?! I'm so hitting this sucker when it comes to NC. "THE TOUR will provide a unique opportunity to experience Star Trek up close and personal with sets, props and models, motion-simulator rides, merchandise and more all under one very large roof." Wheee!

Japanese Exercise Video/Language class? This... this... this is about the funniest thing I've seen in YEARS. No exaggeration. I laughed until there were tears - it's been a while since I've done that. The phrases they're reciting are so serious and ... they're doing AEROBICS?! *dies* WATCH THIS VIDEO.

50 Nerdy Things to do Before You Die. Some of these are pretty clever/hysterical. My favorite has to be #25.

I automatically endorse any comic that can make a respectable Pee Wee Herman joke. Such brilliance.

How many people have seen the new BSB music video for Helpless When She Smiles? I'm almost embarrassed to post this here. This video is so bad it's led me to declare the Boys just aren't even trying anymore. Aw what the hell, how about a black and white video filmed with a random emo girl out in the middle of nowhere? That sounds new and original. *shakes head* Like a bad Calvin Kline commercial. And I have to say I am rather annoyed that they chose this song to be their next single. Out of all the other perfectly respectable songs on their new album, they chose the freakin' rehashed syrupy overdone BALLAD. BOYS, DO I HAVE TO COME BEAT YOU?! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?!?! *pinches bridge of nose* Worst choice for a single EVER.

In case you haven't seen it already, The trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The trailer begins playing immediately. And also, screen-captures! May 16th!!! Wheeeee!

Also, I would like to preface this link by saying I in no way endorse this movie: Trailer for The Dark Knight. Posted because you have to watch/listen to Heath Ledger's Joker and think to yourself: "...the hell just happened?!" o_O *twitch*

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

GREAT movie. Like 4 9/10 out of 5 stars. ;)

Hm, I'm slightly relieved. I would have expected it to be more.

Finally, if any of my friends out there are having a crappy day and need a little glee? Click here, and I promise you'll be squeeing. (Warning: many pictures may cause the internetz to explode) :)
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Note: "Marie Antoinette" is not an appropriate film to watch when dieting. I don't even know what half the stuff she ate was, but I do know it looked DELICIOUS. The movie was also, actually, quite good. You all can call me a snob if you want, but I actually really enjoy avant-garde films. As most of you know, A Knight's Tale is one of my favorite films. The music chosen for Marie Antoinette really complemented the story, in all seriousness. The costumes were just as lush and decadent as any of the delicacies the King and Queen were seen eating. Truly spectacular. I am not surprised the costume designer won an oscar. The acting, too was very, very well done. Kristen Dunst shone in this movie - whereas in other films she can be so unbearable to watch, in this film she was spectacular and completely convincing. Jason Schwartzman, too, was a truly great choice for Louis the XVI. I totally bought it. I totally bought this movie. It was a tad bit slow, but I think that was the point. It was supposed to be a true representation of Marie Antoinette's short life, and while the theater-goer in me would have cut out a couple parties to make the movie shorter, the writer and director in me knows they all needed to be in there to sell her character. This movie gets 5 stars for being well-made, and 4 stars on my personal favorites list.

ETA 12.2.07: I just finished watching the special features on the Marie Antoinette DVD, and I just have to say "Cribs with Louis XVI" was hysterical. The Coppola family et al must have so much fun together. It's sickening.

Last night I watched a film called "Look Both Ways." The cast is mostly Australian and English, so if you have a hard time with accents you might want to bypass this movie (as there's no subtitle option). However, if you choose to do so you will be doing yourself a great disservice. The movie follows an ensemble cast all brought together over one freak tragedy - a man getting hit by a train. In much the same style as "Crash" you follow the lives of at least 7 individual people, and how their lives have an inadvertent impact on each other. I think the character that stands out the most is a woman, a painter, who sees death all around her, often times in sudden animated sequences. Truly, the whole movie seems to be centered around the theme of death, but when it's all over and done with you're left with a hopeful feeling. The characters are rich and wonderful, the animation bizarre and superb, and the direction fantastic. I was truly taken in by "Look Both Ways," fell immediately in love with it, and recommend it completely. 4 1/2 stars. Just plain brilliant.

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