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Right. So, now that I've had a good and epic freak out rant, let's get back to your regularly scheduled programming. No, not the radio silence! :|

SO, GUYS. I haven't actually been keeping up with my flist, because I fail. YOUR MISSION, IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: update me on what I've missed! This means: links to LJ posts, or fun pictures/videos/links, or tagging me for memes, or ANYTHING. *pokes at you allllll*

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Coherent update maybe tomorrow, but for now, I have some of the best friends in the world.

Exhibit A: From this year's SD Comic Con!!
Psych videos )

Exhibit B: A Futurama/Farscape crossover fic, with bonus Stargate parodying! Ahaha, I love the intarnetz.

Exhibit C: finally, I leave you with JANE AUSTEN'S FIGHT CLUB!
video )

Cliiiick. You know you want to.
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Well, most everybody's heard about it. Everyone was "tweeting" about it last night. But, it still bears saying: this is the last season of 24. For real, this time. Though, according to this article, it seems like the 24 motion picture is all but a reality, with State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray lined up to do the script. Which I wouldn't mind, because that was a rather decent movie.

My thoughts on the cancellation? Read more... )

Now, since I'm rather depressed, and it's been a while since I've done one of these... how about a Goodies Post? Which is to say "A geek-fest where Gabby flails about random things that in no way are even remotely newsworthy," but hey. GOODIES.

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Last night's episode of "Psych" was possibly the funniest episode of the entire series. WOW. Just, wow. Have I mentioned how much I love this show recently? Because seeing Shawn on a Spanish soap opera, talking like the El Pollo Loco guy (AWW, I MISS EL POLLO LOCOS! CA COME BACK TO MEEEEEE!), is possibly the most strange, most hilarious, most disturbingly attractive thing I've evar seen. EVAR. *hearts Shawn*

In not-really-related news, what's up with Netflix shipping "Young Guns" and "Young Guns II" on the same day, and then delivering "Young Guns II" first? Just the sequel! I have the sequel, but not the original! HOW FAIR IS THAT? YOU MAILED THEM ON THE SAME DAY! Oi. I need to go check the mail to see if I got the first one so I can have myself a cowboy-a-thon tonight. ....... That wasn't supposed to sound so dirty.

*ahem* In happier news, I have recently discovered a songstress named Ingrid Michaelson (note: that link takes you to a Borders Live performance [video] with 5 full-length songs and interviews). I guess she's the chick who sings that Old Navy song? Anyway, she's fantastic (if you like folky, piano-backed music) and you should give her a listen.

I'm sorry, why did I not know there was a PUBLISHED book of Chuck Norris facts? And that the man is suing for damages? Hee, oh Chuck! Say it isn't so! *shakes head sadly*

First look: 'X-Files' returns to theaters, minus alien mythology. Ooo? This will be interesting, if nothing else.

There are more goodies to update with, but I'm being lazy today. My nephew is getting here in a few hours and I need to shower and catch up on some things before he arrives, because whoo! Journal abandonment! So this is all you get. Deal. ;)

ETA - 9:00EST: Because this is made of such win, I have to link to the Cinematic Titanic Time Tube. Hee! Their site has been redesigned, and it looks good. YAY FOR MST3K! I seriously need to see "The Oozing Skull." D:

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