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Since 2007, I've been an active player in several LiveJournal-based Role Playing Games (RPGs); in 2012, I added Dreamwidth to that list. Some of my beloved games are dead and gone, some are still active, and some are brand new, but for all I've amassed a rather startling number of characters. This will serve as a master list, so other players (and friends!) will know who the heck I am.

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So how am I ringing in my new year?

Well, I'm listening to my awesome new Ned/Chuck fanmix, courtesy of [ profile] inara223 (seriously, it's amazing... go loooook!), trying to decide if I hear fireworks or just some low drums in "Scenic World."

I'm making icons, preparing to split an icon post I've been intending to make because I've made tooooo many to put in one post (currently working on a Gina Torres icon; just finished a few Morena Baccarin and Ned/Chuck icons).

I'm RPing with a Mixed Muses friend.

I'm preparing to go get a glass of pepsi. Diet. ...No alcohol.

I am surfing the web.

So, officially 5 minutes into 2008, and I'm still the same geek I always have been. *nods definitively* Yeeeaaah... New Years? You mean people still celebrate that?! ;D

(In brighter news, I am 22lbs [make that 23lbs] lighter than I was in 2007....)

what i am

cowboy boots and summer dresses; thirty-something self-proclaimed geek, writer, artist, lover, laugher, cowgirl, fighter; chronically ill and chronically smiling, a mess of leather and lace, wild curls, and summer dresses; beating it off the beaten path, creating something out of nothing, making art with you. ♥

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