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This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life:

Star Trek Quiet Book
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Nrgh. Long day was long. How about some random happy?

I meant to post this stuff on Thursday night (because, srsly, this is how I spent my 25th birthday [after the second degree burns of course lolol]), but I generally fail at life. SO I'M POSTING NAO.

Random happy, mostly from youtube, stolen from your friends at the local crack chat! )

(Ahahaha, and I actually meant to post THIS last night! My failure, let me show you it.)
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There's a lot this week, and some of the news is old, therefore I'm putting it behind a cut-tag to spare my friends page. Those of you who are interested, please clicky-clicky! ;)

Goodies and News! Farscape, Firefly, LotR, Music, Movies, etc! )

All right, this wasn't nearly as big as I intended for it to be. I ran out of time. More updates are imminent, but for now I run to catch a PLANE! Oh family visiting, oh impromptu trips away from home, how you backlog my journal so!

As of a few moments ago:
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(see: previous friends-locked post for clarification)

I? Am seriously amused by this girl.
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The Backstreet Cockatoo. This is what the Boys were talking about on TRL last week, just in case you haven't seen it. Hee.

Review of Unbreakable ) WARNING!: The preceding review is brutally honest! If you can't handle a review that contains anything more than "OMGOMGOMG I LUV IT BSB R AMAZZZING!!1" and a frank, straightforward review might make you angry, then don't read it. I don't have time to deal with flamers.

Has anybody else heard about two episodes of Star Trek the Original Series coming to theaters for a special 2-day event?! I just found out about this yesterday. You cannot believe how much I'd love to go see this.

I can has cheezburger (dot) com is one of the greatest websites known to man. When I saw this picture I laughed so loud it echoed off my monitor. Also, for all the Star Trek TNG fans (or X-men, for that matter)...

I meant to post this a LONG time ago, but I completely forgot! Amazing Bathrooms. The world's 13 most amazing bathrooms. No, seriously. Check them out.

Custom Yoda My Little Pony. I'm not even kidding. Look at it! It is a thing of beauty. If you go to this chick's deviantart gallery she has some other amazing My Little Pony creations up too, such as Edward Elric from FMA and Tohru Honda from FB. Heee.

Is it sad that I really want The Daring Book for Girls?

And I REEEAAAALLY want this. I already know it's sad. Hee, but funny! Oh man I wish I could buy this!

I'm suddenly having a complete block on whatever else I wanted to post. So enjoy these goodies for now. See ya!
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My sincerest desire in life is that somewhere out there a battery of former sci-fi nerds are dedicating their collective brilliance to nailing down the specs for a functioning Food Replicator.

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