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You all know that one children's joke, "Why was six afraid of seven?"* right? Has anyone else considered how much funnier the joke becomes when you apply it to Doctor Who?

- - -

Why is it that moisturizing hand soap leaves my hands feeling way drier than they do if I'm using the crappy softsoap at work?

- - -

Midichlorians. Seriously, what the hell?

*A: Because seven ate nine.
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New Year's Eve with the Titans!‏

Hey Everyone,

Well, we know what we're doing for New Year's Eve this year, do you? We'll be performing a 3 MOVIE MARATHON live at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia (more specifically, Glenside, PA). Tickets go on sale this Saturday!

Those of you who attended our sold-out shows at the Trocadero earlier this year needn't worry about repeats, we're coming back with 3 different movies than last time:

"War of the Insects"
"Samson and the Seven Miracles"

Then we'll ring in the New Year and after midnight,
"Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks"

Is that some marquee or what? You can make elaborate New Year’s Eve plans that will undoubtedly turn out to be a letdown, or you can come plant your butt in one place and proceed to laugh it off with us.

Curse yoooou, geography! *shakes fist* If only I had a reasonable excuse to be in PA on New Years by myself. Harrumph.

Hey, speaking of horribly outdated things I'm posting:

Rare Star Wars Photos! These have me totally amused. Especially the third picture down from the top. I mean, seriously, what the frell? Good times, good times. I miss Mark Hamill when he still had a face.

Also, is it sad when my very first thought upon seeing Carrie Fisher playing in the snow in that one photo is, "OH GOD, I'M STUCK ON AN ICEBERG WITH MACGUYVER!!!!"?

(That's for all you Stargate fans out there.)
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Nrgh. Long day was long. How about some random happy?

I meant to post this stuff on Thursday night (because, srsly, this is how I spent my 25th birthday [after the second degree burns of course lolol]), but I generally fail at life. SO I'M POSTING NAO.

Random happy, mostly from youtube, stolen from your friends at the local crack chat! )

(Ahahaha, and I actually meant to post THIS last night! My failure, let me show you it.)

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