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I'm warning you at the outset that this will primarily be a review of the new HFR;RPX technology, the actor's performances, and other filmmaking thoughts of this ilk more so than story line or plot, so if you're not in the mood for cinematography babble you might want to mosey on by.

48FPS? But what does it MEAN? )

All right, you've blithered on about filmmaking long enough, now what about the actual movie? )

Now, about Martin whats-his-name and Richard Dreamboatenshield (and the rest)... )

I can't really give the film a star rating, as I feel so much of my experience was influenced by the 3D HFR;RPX. It's too hard to disambiguate the two. I will say, however, that I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing it on DVD, and at the very least it's a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

In the grand scheme of things Jackson/Tolkien related, I would say, in order from favorite to least favorite, it falls thusly: 1) The Two Towers; 2) Fellowship of the Ring; 3) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; 4) Return of the King.
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I have no idea how long this will be on-line before it's yanked. They made it sound very short term, but given the nature of the internet who knows, right?


I have to say, Saph saved the day finding this, as the page on Apple all the official sites were linking to didn't work for many. So, thank you Saph!! You are made of love.

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As part of my return to this journal, this is a post of all the neat things I've collected in my FF tabs over the past months for quick reference. Uh. Some things seriously outdated (this is mostly for my own reference).

AMV: Durarara! )

Funny photos: Pirate kitteh; Poker with Nathan Fillion )

Movies: The Hobbit )

Oh, JAPAN. )

Really Random: Nicholas Cage; Cafepress[Prose]; Failblog[Twilight] )

Youtube: TLAPD; Waldo Ultimatum; You Again featuring our favorite cranky redhead; The Jane Austen Drinking Game )
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Also? YES:

I. heart. geeks.
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There's a lot this week, and some of the news is old, therefore I'm putting it behind a cut-tag to spare my friends page. Those of you who are interested, please clicky-clicky! ;)

Goodies and News! Farscape, Firefly, LotR, Music, Movies, etc! )

All right, this wasn't nearly as big as I intended for it to be. I ran out of time. More updates are imminent, but for now I run to catch a PLANE! Oh family visiting, oh impromptu trips away from home, how you backlog my journal so!

As of a few moments ago:
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(see: previous friends-locked post for clarification)

I? Am seriously amused by this girl.
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HEY GAIS! Yesterday was a fantastic day in geek history. Why? Because it's the day when both Rockne S. O'Bannon (writer and producer for Farscape!) and John Lasseter (head of Pixar, and coincidentally the guy who heads the translation of Miyuzaki films into English) were born (in '55 and '57 respectively)! Also? ALSO?! Batman the series premiered on ABC on the SAME DAY in '66! AND in fiction it's the day HAL goes operational (in 2001: A Space Odyssey)!!!! Dudes, this should be a nationally recognized holiday! People should get Jan 12 off of work! Why is this not happening?

On a related note, it both amuses and saddens me that Hayao Miyazaki was born on the same day Momofuku Ando died (January 5th). Dudes, I can't believe it's already been a year since the great Cup O Noodles inventor died! Sheesh. Time flies. And Graham Chapman & Terry Brooks were also born on the same day (Jan 8). Geek solidarity, yo.

I'm sorry, FARSCAPE FANS! Stop what you're doing! What I'm about to show you wins ALL: Ben Browder on Party of Five. That's right people, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. BEN BROWDER WAS ON PARTY OF FIVE. I DID NOT KNOW THIS, UNTIL [ profile] wordsthatfail (who rightly gets my firstborn for this) FOUND THIS PAGE. LOOK! AT THE FLANNEL! AND THE HAIR! AND THE RIDICULOUSNESS THAT IS THE 90s! There are GALLERIES, people! GALLERIES AND GALLERIES OF PICTURES OF BEN BROWDER ON PARTY OF FIVE. This? Is my new favorite page ever. Aaaaand I'm so making icons.

LotR/Hobbit Related
Elijah Wood Wants To Go Back Again To ‘The Hobbit’

TV Guide interview with Karl Urban. He talks about Comanche Moon, the new Star Trek movie, and a little bit about The Hobbit.

Dom Monaghan on Craig Ferguson. So. bloody. funny. I love that boy.

MMMMMM, don't show a girl on a diet candy, especially when it's shaped into PELENNOR FIELDS and HELMS DEEP! Mmmm, lord o the candy!

5-page Vanity Fair article on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are some good photos included. Looks like May 22 is the official release date. Here's hoping it's good, and Shia LaBeouf, bless his little heart, doesn't screw it up.

New York Entertainment: For Your Consideration: Alan Tudyk of 'Death at a Funeral' for Best Supporting Actor. Death at a Funeral, not Fun at a Funeral! Death! A very nice article about Alan. Also, um, picture of him NAKED?! O__O WHY DID I NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE?! CURSES!

Nathan Fillion Interview (for White Noise 2). I think this is old, because I remember seeing bits of the interview other places and giggling, but it deserves re-posting because HEE! NATHAN FILLION! COME READ HOW ADORABLE AND FUNNY HE IS!

EW's "Sci-fi's 25 Top Movies & TV from the Past 25 Years". Dude, this is a very comprehensive list. Quantum Leap, Futurama, ESOTSM, Firefly/Serenity, Back to the Future, ST:TNG, etc etc. Granted, they have a few bombs up there I don't agree with, and HEE, ROCK ON FARSCAPE FANS FOR PUTTING UP A FUSS! Because, seriously? You pick "Lost" over "Farscape" on a sci-fi list?! AT LEAST FARSCAPE HAD A WELL-THOUGHT-OUT AND ENGAGING PLOT. KEY WORD THERE: PLOT. *shakes head* I actually think I'm more about the 17 choices that didn't make the cut than the 25 that did, honestly...

Official ONTD Golden Globes Discussion/Winners Post, for those who are feeling the absence of an awards ceremony this year. spoilers )

Win Radiohead's 6-disk Box Set! Ooooo, SHINY!

The Kinks Plot First Full Reunion In Nearly 40 Years

Writer's Strike:
Why I love Joss Whedon: Joss Whedon speaks at WGA Rally in Boston (1 of 2) and Joss Whedon speaks at WGA Rally in Boston (2 of 2). This man owns my soul. Not only is this extremely informative about the writers strike, but it's delivered with humor, wit, and modesty. Also, Dragons! Heck yes!

Muppet Wars. I respect anybody who can beatbox and play the flute SIMULTANEOUSLY. Not to mention play the Muppet Show theme/Star Wars themes!

Did anybody catch Improv Everywhere on ABC's 20/20 last Friday? I forgot to watch because the "Psych" season premier was on at the same time. They supposedly had a brief segment on IE in the opening act of the program with clips of the No Pants ride in 2004 as well as the Mp3Experiment Four from this summer.

All right, I leave you now to your own devices. This goodies post was particularly fangirly, and I apologize for that. But, hello: Me = FANGIRL. I loves the boys, yo.
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Hm. Ike Turner died on Monday. He was 76.

'U2 3D' Film Hits Theaters Next Month. The first live action movie to be shot, edited and shown in 3-D isn't some Spielberg opus. It's U2 3D, a 92-minute concert film set to premiere in select cities on January 25.

Jermaine Dupri Reveals Jackson 5 Reunion. As for whether Michael will be involved, Jermaine said, "He has to be. He is a Jackson." Yeah, but he sure as heck isn't as cute as he was when he was still a boy. Pun intended.

Andrew Bird - stream the entire album The Mysterious Production of Eggs. If you're not familiar with this man yet, then I seriously suggest you get acquainted. He is made of amazing, and YOU SHOULD LOVE HIM TOO!

And on a similar note, check out Scouting For Girls, for they are the cutest cute that ever cuted. Or something. *hugs them tightly* SUCH HAPPY MUSIC!

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about this, but for those who have not I'm going to post some of the more comprehensive articles I ran across. I'll also be giving out a healthy dose of my opinion on this endeavor, so remember you were warned in advance. The Hobbit motion pictures )

You know what movies I never knew were made? "Pretty Woman" redone for both China AND Japan. CAN I PLEASE SEE THE JAPANESE VERSION OF "PRETTY WOMAN"? BECAUSE... THE POSSIBILITIES FOR HYSTERICAL ARE UNENDING! Seriously, this discovery just made my day.

Time's Top 10 of the Year lists. 50 top ten lists, including the top ten movies (Sweeney Todd made #5 on the first list, and Waitress #9!), DVDs, TV series (Pushing Daisies #5!! Eeee!), etc.

And, this is not technically movie news, but USA cancels Dead Zone and 4400. *sigh* I knew The Dead Zone would get canceled soon (poor crazy Anthony Michael Hall), but I'm still sad to see it go. Unpredictable programming schedule and all.

Toshiba Builds 100x Smaller Micro Nuclear Reactor. Environmentally sound? Heck no.

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