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Brevity is the Soul of Wit: Fic Friday

No migraine today, woo! I have a few things I plan on writing today, including a movie review and some tags, but first I'm opening myself up to #FicFriday prompts!

Continuing the new tradition from here:

    Leave prompts in the comment section below
    — I will respond with at least 2-sentences of fic, unless I get carried away
    — You can request anything (take a look at my interests for ideas), including OF
    — Leave prompts for 140 Character Fic over on Twitter, too! Use the hashtag #FicFriday
    — Brevity is the soul of wit
    — HAVE FUN!

If you have a #FicFriday post of your own, link me to it in the comments so I can prompt you as well! Happy writing, everyone!

My #140CharFic fills from Twitter (3/29):

Captain America/Avengers
For Ashie, prompt: Steve in modern day going to art class
#1: "Steve had no idea what an HP Digital Scanner was; he was mildly embarrassed when he brought the requested tablet and it had pages."

#2: "His fingers were stained with charcoal and lead, and his tools weren't like his classmates', but the Guggenheim filled every page."

For Fi, prompt: Zoe-shifting stars
"She don't need the course to know where they are. Casia means work; Perseus, trouble. Andromeda -- tā māde, Captain's in a mood."

Hell on Wheels
For Fi, prompt: Lily-tents
"There's no warmth in her muddy hovel, save for what she creates on her own. With the Advance they almost made their tent a home."

For Fi, prompt: Red-new beds
"Every new town comes with a new bed, and he makes sure there's a girl in each one. He hates starting off someplace sleeping alone."

The Three Musketeers
For Fi, prompt: Porthos-compass
"'He stole my compass!' 'I beg to differ, peasant,' Porthos sneers, drawing. 'This compass was a gift from the Czarina of Tokyo.'"
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My post is over here and after 4, I'll be giving and filling prompts on Twitter.

Though I will take them now but fill them after work.

Last edit to leave you prompts.

Porthos-Pirate King-good wind
Maria Hill/SHIELD agents-good mission
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It's the look in her eyes, like a dancing flame or a firefly doing the jitterbug; it makes him laugh like he hasn't in years, leaning in to kiss her, never wanting to look away.
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[personal profile] someonetocarryyou 2013-04-13 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
Zoë's only sworn three oaths in her life: the first was when she joined the Independents; the second was to love, honor and ... something else she never could remember, her husband; the third, the very first second she held her newborn daughter, was to burn the universe and all her oaths just to keep her safe.
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She knew Snow was lying when she told her she'd stole her mother's heart "for you": so she could feel love, true love; so she could be happy. But she was perfect little Snow, good little Snow, always honorable, always true, and Regina wanted to believe. The revelation in her horrified eyes as they stood over her mother's dead body -- that was real Truth.
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"The wind is splendid!"

"I'd enjoy it more could I hear it over the sound of your infernal music," Porthos griped, and the self-proclaimed Pirate King threw his chin to the salt breeze and laughed.

(The trumpets trumpeted on.)
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Fury celebrated successful missions by holding smug video conferences with the Board, and the Board celebrated by not court marshaling everyone on the team. Hill was old-fashioned; she clapped Barton on the back, winked at Romanoff to show she hadn't forgotten their deal, and bought everyone a round of drinks.
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[personal profile] ceitfianna 2013-04-13 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I love all of these but I think the Regina and Zoe ones are my favorites.
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[personal profile] bjornwilde 2013-04-12 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm busy with tags so I have no prompts but for you I have:
Porthos and Jessica Drew - That all you got?

Zoe/Quinlan Vos - Think that was his last shot?
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She broke a chair over his head.

The rotund Musketeer lay sprawled amongst the splinters, chuckling lecherously, a drunken sway to his movements as he sits up, grins, and says, "I meant 'wench' in only the most flattering way, madame."

Perhaps he'd ask her to dance.

When he wakes up.
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[personal profile] someonetocarryyou 2013-04-13 05:57 am (UTC)(link)
She got used to the Captain inviting folk from Milliways out to help on odd jobs and huài zhǔ yì plans; never much liked the notion, but the General was better than most, and knew what he was doing.

"Think that was his last shot?"

"Reckon I can find that out for you real easy, General," Zoë said, cocking her mare's leg.

She took his grim smile as permission.